Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Quick fix is not a solution, for me!

I believe to have a healthy body we need to have a healthy lifestyle, healthy mind and soul. These days’ people are looking for a “quick fix” which is a temporary solution for health and mental issues. It helps for a short period of time BUT in a long term can cause more damage to the body. 
The pharmaceutical drugs can make you feel good BUT they are addictive to the mind and not good for the chemical balance of the body. 
The other extreme “quick fix” solution is to cut off body parts what could become cancerous (like Angelina Jolie did recently). We have cancer cells in our body every day BUT to be able to destroy these cells we need to have a strong immune system. We can’t cut off our lung, our brain, our eyes because in our genes or in our family history is cancer. 
I strongly believe with a vegan and organic vegetable, fruit based diet, enough rest, great sleep at night, yoga and meditation, your immune system will be able to function properly and will protect you from diseases. 
It takes courage and willpower to take the “driver seat” and decide, I am going to change my habits, my lifestyle, my LIFE. 
It is a challenging journey BUT to have a healthy body and a happy mind it is worth every sacrifice.
“The greatest wealth is Health.”

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