Friday, June 28, 2013

The Eighth Limbs of Yoga - Samadhi

When the flower is transformed into a fruit, this is known as samadhi. As the essence of the tree is in the fruit, so the essence of the practice of yoga is in the freedom, poise, peace and beatitude of samadhi, where the body, the mind and the soul are united and merge with the Universal Spirit.

Yoga defines samadhi as being established in pure, unbounded awareness. Going beyond time and space, beyond past and future, beyond individuality, samadhi is an experience of the underlying divine nature in all things and in our selves.

Immersing ourselves in samadhi on a regular basis allows our internal reference point to shift from ego to spirit. We experience ourselves as part of the infinite field of unbounded consciousness. This is a state of being in which fear and anxiety do not arise. By regularly engaging in this state, we are able to live and perform our actions in the world as an individual even as we rest in the awareness of our universal nature. 

We surrender our need to take ourselves too seriously because we recognize that life is a cosmic play, and like a great actor, we perform our role impeccably and do not lose our real self in the character we’re playing. This is the goal of yoga – to know we are a spiritual being disguised as a human being, to be established in union, and perform action in harmony with the evolutionary flow of life.

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