Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Sixth Limbs of Yoga - Dharana

Dharana is the sap of the tree, the juice which flows within the branches and the trunk of the tree towards the root, which carries energy on this inward journey.
To bring the wandering mind to a state of restraint is known as dharana.

Dharana is concentration, or complete attention. Dharana is mastery of attention and intention. As the ancient sages taught, whatever we put our attention on grows stronger in our life, so it is important to be intimately aware of where we are focusing our thoughts and energy.

By learning to value our attention as a precious commodity, we will be able to consciously create well-being and success in our life. Whether our goal is building a business, becoming physically fit, improving a relationship, or developing a spiritual practice, the object of our attention is enlivened by our awareness.

Once we activate something with our attention, our intentions have a powerful influence on what things manifest in our lives. According to yoga, our intentions have infinite organizing power. Our intention may be to heal an illness, create more love in our life, or become more aware of our own divinity. Simply by becoming clear about our intentions, we will begin to see them actualize in our lives.

Dharana techniques involve various means of directing our attention, such as focusing on particular objects or ideas, meditation, and the energy of the chakras.

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