Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why Meditate?

Meditation is a state of consciousness that can be understood only a direct, intuitive level, and puts you directly in touch with your higher self.

Meditation means “to become familiar with” and it is a way of exploring the inner self. Meditation is a wonderful opportunity to turn inward on a journey of discovery. Many of us use meditation to relax and cope with stress. Meditation does help slow or still the mind and balance the emotions. Meditation can be used for healing, assist in problem solving.

Our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. The aim of meditation is to transform the mind. As things stand now, our mind is often filled with troubles. We spend a great deal of time consumed by painful thoughts, plagued by anxiety or anger. It would be such a relief, if we could master our mind to the point where we could be free of these disturbing emotions.

The goal of meditation is not to shut down the mind or anesthetize it, but rather to make it free, lucid and balanced.

Practicing meditation can give your day an entirely new "fragrance." Its effects can permeate your outlook and approach to the things you do, as well as to your relations with the people around you. It allows us to experience life with greater serenity, to be more open to whatever happens and to envision the future with confidence. Such a transformation enables us to act more effectively in the world we live in and contribute to building a wiser, more altruistic and kinder society.

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