Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hamsa and Hinduism

Hamsa has a special position in India's rich culture and has become one of their most sacred symbols. It came to India without changing its form or meaning. Indians call Hamsa, Humsa Hand. It is a symbol, which is well known and loved in India culture. The five fingers in the hand of Hinduism represent the five elements of nature and the five energy centers of our body (chakra).

In Hinduism, the name of this practice is Mudras, which corresponds to the culture of Hamsa. According to Mudras, the five fingers of the hand represent the five-energy flows of the human body that are continually going up and down throughout the body.

Hands are a source of healing for Hinduism. Mudra is the symbolic language of the hands and means the movement of the hands.The reason for all illnesses (whether flu or cancer) are stress and sadness as all diseases are caused by subconscious reasons. It is possible to change the mood and prevent disease by applying the fingers to cure it using Mudras.

Each finger represents a different element and Energy:

Thumb - (Agni Tattava)- Fire Element - The Solar Plexus Chakra 

Forefinger, index finger - (Vaayu Tattava) - Air Element - The Heart Chakra

Middle Finger - (Aka┼ča Tattava) - Ethereal Elements - The Throat Chakra

Ring Finger - (Prithivi Tattava) - Land Element - The Root Chakra 

Pinkie, little finger - (Apas Tattava) - Water Element - The Sacral Chakra

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