Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All You Need Is Love ❤

Everyone wants to love and be loved. That very human desire creates an immediate and deep connection with Anahata, the heart chakra. The fourth of the energy wheels stacked from the pelvic floor to the crown, the heart chakra sits in a pivotal position in your body. Not only is it located at center of your physical heart, it also marks the transition from the lower three chakras (which are associated with relationships to the society around you, your loved ones and yourself) to the higher chakras that relate to enlightenment and to connection with the Divine. Anahata is the bridge between the earthly and the eternal. Heart chakra is your point of balance. Balance between the body and mind, balance between Heaven and Earth.

Both the physical heart and the heart center are vital. And they both need nurturing. Asana practice, breath work and a healthful diet support the functioning of your physical heart. They also make the work of your physical heart easier by improving your circulatory and respiratory systems. Meditation enhances the health of the spiritual heart center. It opens the channels of understanding that enable you to look at your thoughts, words and actions within the context of unconditional love.

As you learn more about Anahata, you will see how to take its various aspects into your daily life. You may want to wear or carry its gem as a reminder to keep your heart center free. Incorporating its sound into practice can intensify your intention. Maybe just using a green yoga mat or wearing green will signal your connection to your heart center. What follows is a starting point for the possibilities.

Keeping Anahata in balance requires a deep and ongoing commitment. It can be difficult not to let your heart harden when a loved one leaves this Earth, when a partner or friend hurts or betrays you or when you unleash negativity on yourself. But that only invites isolation and more pain. By seeking freedom in the heart chakra, you remain open to finding true connection with those around and with yourself.

Opening up your heart chakra could be just what you need in order to feel a little more connect, and a little more loved.

Make the shift from looking only externally for love, and begin treating yourself like the king or queen that you are, you’ll find your heart more open, feel more forgiving with yourself, and become more available to love others. True love starts from within.

This is also an inspired invitation for more of the same to come to you from the outside, too. You’ll notice that as you cultivate the same kind of relationship with yourself that you expect from other people, you will become stronger, more independent and more able to attract and accept healthy, genuine love. Plus, other people’s choices won’t knock you off-center as easily when you already have what you need. Their love will become a beautiful gift not a lifeline.

“Love is a many splendid things, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love.”

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