Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dragon Fruit - Pitaya

Dragon fruit- Pitaya is a stunningly beautiful fruit grown in Southeast Asia, Australia, Mexico, Central and South America, and Israel. The plant is actually a type of cactus, and the fruit comes in 3 colors: 2 have pink skin, but with different colored flesh (one white, the other red), while another type is yellow with white flesh. Dragon fruit is low in calories and offers numerous nutrients, including Vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, plus fiber and antioxidants.

Dragon fruits are rich in vitamin C. Eating dragon fruits helps strengthen your immune system and promotes faster healing of bruises and wounds. In fact, regular eating of dragon fruits will help ward off chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma and cough. Dragon fruits also contain B vitamins such as B1 for better carbohydrate metabolism, B2 for recovery and improvement of appetite, and B3 for reducing bad cholesterol while improving the skin condition.

Dragon fruits are also packed with minerals such as calcium for stronger bones and teeth, phosphorus for tissue formation and iron for healthy blood. Dragon fruits contain phytoalbumins, which have antioxidant properties that help prevent the formation of cancer cells. In addition, dragon fruits are also known to increase the excretion of heavy metal toxins from the body.

Dragon fruit tastes wonderful! - sweet and crunchy, with a flavor that's like a cross between kiwi and pear. To eat the fruit serve chilled and cut in half. Scoop out the flesh and seeds much like a kiwi fruit.  Enjoy J

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