Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Radha & Krishna

The Radha Krishna love story is a tale of divine love. This is not like any average love story. It is the perfect example of platonic love. Radha and Krishna were never married. And yet, they are sighted as an example of divine lovers.

The love Radha had for Krishna was beyond love. They were often depicted to be singing or dancing together. In fact any picture of Radha and Krishna that you see, sweeps you with their romance, the deep affection.

Krishna was the shepherd prince of Gokul and Radha was Vrishbhanu Gurjar who had a boon that Devi Lakshmi will be born as his daughter. So technically, we look at Radha as an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Radha and Krishna were childhood playmates. Radha was one of the Gopis or cowherd girls with whom Krishna did rasleela in the forests of Vrindavan. But Radha was the dearest to Krishna and most devoted to Him. When Krishna played the flute, Radha sang and danced with Him. However, this love story never reached its maturity because, Krishna left Vrindavan at the age of 12 to study at his gurukul. Meanwhile, Radha was married off to a wealthy landowner named Abhimanyu. Some stories also give the name of Radha's husband as Chandrasena. There is also a myth that Radha and Krishna were secretly married in Vrindavan and Lord Brahma presided over their marriage as a priest. This version of the story does not hold much water because it is not written in the Puranas.

The essence of the Radha Krishna love story is true love that goes beyond the physical realm. Krishna and Radha were never man and wife. They were not bound in holy matrimony and yet they were soulmates. Their love was 'pure' because it was never consummated. It was love on a platonic level. Radha's devotion to Krishna was unprecedented. That is why, although Krishna has 16008 wives, His favourite consort was always Radha. She was a part of His soul although she was never a part of His home. That is why, thousands of years later we still worship Radha and Krishna together. In fact, Radha-Krishna is an unbreakable word that stands for both the masculine and feminine aspects of the Universe. That is Radha and Krishna love story encompassing the love present in all of the Universe.

The relationship between Radha and Krishna is the example of the highest and purest love, an indissoluble union of the highest intermingling and completion; it is also a love expressed through music. Music underlines the illicit relationship; this love shadowed by secrecy, adultery and scorn, finds its outlet in Krishna's charming and passionate musical talents.

Krishna represents the private life of the Absolute. His relationship with Radha, His Divine consort, actually constitutes the private life of Krishna. In this relationship, Love reigns supreme as Krishna surrenders to Radha. Krishna is lovestruck while Radha has taken over control. He has surrendered to the Power of Love. Very few people really understand this relationship and the message it contains. The supreme object of devotion, Krishna, worships the highest devotion, Radha. The zenith of Radha and Krishna's love affair is the Raas-Leela, the circular dance of love. The Raas-Leela points to the highest potential of the soul. It is within this context of the circular dance that the highest is couched in apparent selfishness.

Love isn’t about being married or being with someone. Love is being connected from the soul. 

That’s exactly what Radha and Krishna had.  They thought about each other every moment of their lives that they became one being in two bodies.  Because Radha’s love was so pure, she achieved God Status! Whenever you hear the flute play or see a dance, Radha and Krishna are there invisibly enjoying themselves, too.  They are in Heaven together now as one entity.  You cannot say Krishna without saying Radha, and you cannot say Radha without thinking of Krishna.  That is how strong their love is. Any picture you see of Krishna, it is not complete without Radha.  Their love is an undying flame that will continue to burn. Just so beautiful!

I would like to share a story about Lord Krishna that will tell us what "True Love" is all about -

Krishna, while living in Dwarka with his favourite wife Rukmani, would very often softly utter to himself, “ O Radha O Radha.”

Rukmani felt jealous and asked him why he kept Remembering Radha so often.Krishna did not say anything. He just smiled.

A few days later, Krishna complained of stomach Ache. Rukmani gave him medicines, but the pain did not go away. He kept moaning in pain.

Krishna told her that only a little charanamrita (blessed water) of a person who truly loved him would Put an end to his agony. He begged Rukmani to give him Some of her charanamrita.

A shocked Rukmani refused: “ How can I commit such a terrible sin? You are the Lord of all that be, and if I gave you my charanamrita I would surely go to hell.”

Krishna than asked Rukmani to send an attendant to Vrindavan and try and procure some charanamrita from Someone there. Soon the attendant returned with a  cupful of charanamrita and as Krishna sipped it, all The pain disappeared.

He then asked the attendant, “ Who gave you this Charanamrita?” the attendant replied, “ no one in Vrindavan was ready to give it on learning it was for Lord Krishna.

Then one young woman came running up to Me and gave me this cup. Her companions cautioned her, “ You fool Radha, you are committing the greatest sin. But she did not care. She said, “I don’t care about What happens to me but I cannot bear to see my beloved Krishna in pain .”

Krishna turned to Rukmani standing by his side and Said, “ Radha is not afraid of going to hell for me. She only thinks about me.

So if Radha loves me so Much, should I also not long for her?”

This is what true love is about. It is Unconditional. Sacrifice is the most important characteristics of True love.

 “A smile you sent, will always return”