Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This is Happening so That You Can Grow

We all have moments in our lives where it feels like life is against us. It can be shocking and scary when it seems like everything is going wrong all at once.
You thought life was great and then somehow, without even trying – your life gets turned upside down.
And if you think it’s just you – think again. Life feels like it turns against everyone.
Well, depending on your answer to that question, everything can change.
You see – in moments of massive uncertainty we must allow ourselves a greater perspective than just to give up, throw in the towel and decide that life is against us.
That is the path of the dabbler, the dreamer, and an idealist who never makes it.
The difference between those who live their dreams and those who just dream is found in how each responds to life throwing them a curveball.
And a curveball will come. They always do.
The question is, how do you respond to the upsets, the upheavals and the scary things you didn’t see coming?
At a certain point, instead of expecting that things should go your way and getting stressed out when they don’t – we mature. We mature to understand that sometimes the greatest gifts are the setbacks, the moments that cause us to freak out and the times where we feel most challenged.
We understand that life is not about comfort, but growth. And growth means that we must hold steady amid massive uncertainty.
So whenever times get tough, or I feel like life is against me, I pause and decide that what’s happening is for my growth – rather than for my downfall.
I pay attention to what I am grateful for. I ask to be guided to the lesson I am meant to learn – and then I choose to see everything that happens next as an answer to my prayer.
There will be moments where you will be challenged and push to the limit. Our aim should not be to avoid these moments, but rather meet them head on with courage, faith and a mindset that is looking for the opportunity to grow.
Looking for growth will allow massive miracles to come into our lives. Finding the opportunity to grow will allow us to find meaning in the seeming chaos and to emerge stronger, wiser and with more gratitude for the journey.
Here’s how you can turn upheaval into growth:
1. Focus on what you do have; focus on what’s working.
2. Ask for guidance; pray for revelation as to the meaning in the chaos.
3. Surrender the outcome to your Higher Power or the Divine.
4. Choose to see everything that’s happened as a vehicle for growth, rather than a reason to stop.
5. Take life each day at a time. Don’t future trip. Be present with what’s happening now.
6. Don’t get caught in fear. Keep moving, remember, live is movement.
7. Open up and ask for help. You aren’t an island. You do have resources; all you have to do is look for them.
I hope this helps with the seeming chaos of your life. If you look for it, you will find that what’s happening is happening for your growth, not your downfall.
Mastin Kipp

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