Friday, July 17, 2015

We can learn telepathy

According to Abramović, bringing ritual back to our fast-paced lives can open forgotten parts of our psyches. "We can learn telepathy in four years. We use telephones, but telepathy's cheaper. There is so much extra sense of perception that our brain can develop with training that we don't because we use gadgets and use computers and use all these other things that actually make us invalids."

These techniques were partially developed during Abramović's initial visits to Australia. In 1980, Abramović and her then-performance-partner Ulay spent a year with local Aborigines in Western Australia's Little Sandy Desert.

"It changed my life. Everything is different," she says. "These people are the most developed human beings on the planet ... The government, just for their own benefit of uranium and all that other s**t, is destroying them."

Abramović has sacrificed everything for work she believes can change human consciousness. In a life that has always been mediated by her art.

Whenever we design an experiment, we have to try it out for ourselves. We have to understand what goes on in people's heads when they're performing the task. – Suzanne Dikker

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