Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Dance & Love

At their core, relationships are an energetic dance between you and your partner. When you connect well together, your experience the joy of the dance of love. 

But just like in a dance, such as tango or waltz, if you move ahead faster than your partner, or go slower than him or her, you will end up struggling with each other or dancing alone. 

Even worst, if the two of you are doing an entirely different dance from each other, you obviously won’t be dancing together well. Your experience of the good in your relationship will only happen in those moments when you two are dancing the same dance, in sync. 

Men and women who are naturally good in relationships dance with others well, naturally, and tend to have healthy, connected, joyful relationships. They intuitively know what steps to take and how to respond to their partner so that they stay in sync. 
Men and women who struggle with relationships don’t see the dance, take what happens personally, and make choices out of step with their partner. They project their own agenda onto the relationship, rather than flow with their partner. 

In today’s age of the Internet where people interact remotely through social media such as Facebook and Twitter and rarely meet face-to-face, personal Connection and Contact is an often missing, yet essential part of a rich and healthy life. On the dance floor, we connect to our partners and to others on the floor as we move, whirl and twirl! This can be in simple, three minute, gratifying bytes or can be an entire evening of rich ‘one-on-one’ time. The lead/follow element of couples dance not only augments physical and mental connections, but also develops emotional ones in a non-threatening way, three minutes at a time! 

93% of our Communication is non-verbal. Partner dancing is an excellent place to explore, become more aware of and refine non-verbal chat! Learning to ‘talk’ and ‘listen’ on the dance floor is a skill that translates into everyone’s everyday life. It is a tremendous benefit to anyone in or seeking a relationship!

THE TANGO LESSON is about a female filmmaker who discovers – and falls in-love with – the tango. In between bouts of writing a screenplay for Hollywood – with which she finds herself increasingly dissatisfied – she places herself under the tutelage of Pablo, an Argentinean tango dancer living in Paris. As the lessons proceed they strike a bargain – if he will make her a tango dancer, she will make him a movie star. He accomplishes his side of the bargain when they perform in a show, but her attempt to make a film with Pablo in Buenos Aires exposes the complexities at the heart of the story – how do you follow when your instinct is to lead?

The body says what words cannot. - Martha Graham

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