Sunday, August 16, 2015

Spirit Owl

Native legend tells how "the Owl" overcame incredible odds to bring man fire.

It was during her long journey, that the fire and ashes scorched her beautiful white coat to white and grey. Her long beak was burned to a short stub and smoke ruined her beautiful voice. In an effort to help her, she was pushed into a pitch tree, thus flattering and disfiguring her beautiful face.

To this day "Owl's" descendants bear the speckled coat, the hoot sound, stubby beak and the need to sleep during the day. In some legends it is the messenger of the night or the spirit totem of a woman.

The picture is the artist impression of the "Spirit Owl". In the music the artist goes through the stages of a relationship between a man & a woman, & how the man takes his own life, knowing that she won't spend the rest of her life with him any more. It is through our own ignorance that we need to have a good understanding, & acceptance of animals and nature, people and culture and environment.

Through the eyes of the Spirit Owl the message is unconditional love... The power of magic and healing... -by Kunge'kanan

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