Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Be Happy

The Happiest People Don’t Have The Best Of Everything, They Just Make The Best Of Everything

This is one of my favorite mantras because it’s not about having EVERYTHING – love, money, career etc., all going well simultaneously necessarily – it’s about making the best out of what you have, and what is going well in your life, to balance out what may not be going so well.

Happiness is something that we all seek. Every goal we set, every achievement we pursue, every relationship we engage in, and every journey we embark on is really just an attempt to feel happiness.

We are all meant to find our happiness, and sometimes there is no easy way there. Sometimes it takes a few bad decisions in order to get to the good ones. I believe that this is all part of life and we can either take it or leave it. While most of us take it, we wind up finding that maybe our bad decisions were the right ones all along.

Life consists of a series of unfolding events; some of these events are expected and some are unexpected. The happiest people on earth have learned that they can't control everything in life. This is a key element in living happily. While having the best of everything is great, it is not necessarily a requirement for a happy life. The secret for a successful and happy life resides in making the best out of everything-in finding the right balance between the little and the big things-and in knowing how to wisely respond to the good and the bad times.

The happiest people on earth look forward, not backward. They take action to create solutions to face and deal with whatever it is that they are going through.

The happiest people on earth visualize positive outcomes. They are patient and know that things will work out in one way or another as nothing in life permanent.

The happiest people on earth are grateful for what they have. They have an attitude of gratitude and highly value their family and friends, and everything they have. They live in the now and know that complaining about what they don't have at the moment is senseless.

The happiest people on earth realize that they can't do it all. They are humble in character and reach out to their circle of friends and family for help when they need it.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” Happy people don’t make excuses or blame others for their own failures in life. Instead, they own up to their mistakes and, by doing so, they proactively try to change for the better.

The happiest people on earth take leaps of faith. They step out their comfort zone into their courage zone to explore the unknown and the uncertain. They are confident that believing in what they cannot see can come to reality and bring great happiness and success to their lives.

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