Tuesday, March 8, 2016

You are amazing just the way You are

For many reasons we women are our own worst critics. We hold each other to unreasonable standards, and sometimes get joy out of seeing each other fall. We can be petty, insensitive, mean, and fake. We gossip, then sling insincere “hellos!” and “I’m so happy for you!”. We complain about these women, but rarely walk away from the toxic friendship, letting it stew into a pot of simmering hate. What’s worse is we cast blame on those who make us feel less about ourselves, when in reality, we really should be looking inward and assessing why we’re so critical of the way someone else lives.
I’m a huge proponent of female friendships, and I’m incredibly blessed to have a handful of very strong female friends in my life.
These friendships are conditional; they’re different from the love you give your family or your partner. They’re choices you make together; to be a shoulder to cry on, to always have each others back, to support the decisions we make in our lives, even if they’re different than the ones we’d make for ourselves.
Female friendships are a place we can share experiences only women go through, and ask for feedback. They’re proven to critical in the success of life-long partnerships. They’re one of the best experiences you can have in a lifetime.
When we stop comparing ourselves to one another, we make room to support each other in our differences, and eventually we gain insight and valuable lessons that better ourselves. It’s a win-win, and all it takes is having a little respect for yourself and your strengths.
Let’s support our successes, and work towards empowerment and self-respect. There are amazing things we’re all capable of achieving.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”-  Helen Keller

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