Sunday, January 22, 2017

Be Present

Enter the temple of love, and you always enter it as a sovereign. Enter into the world, the world of things, and you always enter as a beggar. The world reduces everybody to a beggar; love raises everybody to an emperor. Love is an alchemical phenomenon. Even if one heart has flowed towards you, God has reached through that heart. Somebody looked towards you with love; in that moment God looked at you. Watch the eye full of love, the hand full of love, and you will find God throbbing there -- because it is always God who loves. To love is to become God, to allow-love to happen is to become God.

Whenever you fall from the peak of love, then it is something else: you become possessive; you become a husband and a wife. Then you are no more in the grip of God.

But whenever you reach to the peak -- maybe for a single moment sometimes it happens:
when two persons are in absolute harmony, no barrier, no fence even exists between them; they are not throbbing as two centers, they become one center -- in that moment, God happens. When love happens, God happens. When God descends on earth, His name is love.

Each fruit is open to two frontiers and born on a pair of trees.

Listen carefully...

Each fruit is open to two frontiers and born on a pair of trees.

Have you ever seen one fruit born on a pair of trees? One fruit is born on one tree; two trees are not needed for one fruit. Love is that fruit which is born on two trees, never on one tree.

Each fruit is open to two frontiers and born on a pair of trees.

Deep meditation reveals the knowledge beyond any doubt.

When you love somebody and somebody loves you, then there comes a moment when these two trees are not two trees; then it becomes one tree. That tree is the tree of love, and on that tree of love is fulfillment, is fruition, is flowering.
The two who are wholly present can bring forth a fruit to offer the Master; they are conscious and fruitful.

Let me repeat:

The two who are wholly present...

In love, two persons are simply present to each other, doing nothing. Love knows nothing of doing. When two persons are deep in love, they are simply present to each other. They face each other, just present, as if two lamps are burning, illuminating each other, or two mirrors are facing each other, reflecting each other in millionfold ways. Two lovers are just in each other's presence, saturated by the other, penetrated by the other. In that state a moment arises -- the climax, the peak moment -- when the fruit is born: when they are no more two, when all distinction is lost, when the egos don't exist, when they have become pure presences. Then, the fruit is born.

The two who are wholly present can bring forth a fruit to offer the Master; ... and that is the fruit to be offered to the Master, to God.

... they are conscious and fruitful.

In that peak of love, they are totally conscious and fruitful. Remember, love is not something like unconsciousness. Ordinarily, when you are in love, you become more unconscious. Then it is lust. Then it is the very lowest denominator. Then it is the lowest rung of the ladder. Of course it belongs to the ladder, but it is the lowest rung. At the highest rung there is tremendous consciousness -- and if you cannot be conscious in the presence of your lover, where else are you going to be conscious? If the presence of your lover is not worth being conscious, then where else will you find the treasure to be conscious? If you love the person, if you really love, a peak of consciousness arises. You would just like to observe, to see your beloved or your lover; you would like to be with a pure presence. And they help each other to be more and more conscious -- because when the one becomes more conscious, it is immediately reflected in the other. The other becomes more conscious, and it works like a chain reaction. Higher and higher they go, and then there comes a moment when the fruit is born; that fruit is called love. That love you can offer to the Master of the world. No other fruit will do.

They are conscious and fruitful....

And in that peak of consciousness they are fruitful. Otherwise, people live a fruitless life.

People live an unfruitful life, people live without fruition. Nothing is born out of them; they simply live and die. There is no meaning and no significance in their lives. The significance arises only when two trees have become one tree, and when on that one tree the fruit of love is born.

....conscious and fruitful.

The well never sinks into the water.

The Bauls say, "You see? Go and see a well full of water -- but it never sinks into the water.'' This is very mysterious. When you are absolutely drowned in oneness, for the first time you are. You never sink into it. You are merged, all boundaries lost, but then happens a paradox: the paradox of being lost completely and yet being, for the first time, yourself. When you are lost completely, you are, for the first time, your reality. You are full, surrounded by tremendous force, but you are not sunk in it. You are one with it, but for the first time your flame burns. Without any ego, your being is revealed.

Bauls sing, Let ripeness appear in its own time for the full flavor of the fruit.

A green jackfruit can be softened by blows but not made sweet.

And they say, this love you cannot force. There is no way to manipulate it. There is nothing that you can do about it. All that you can do is to allow.

Let ripeness appear in its own time...

It will come in its own time. What do you do when you watch a tree, an apple tree? What do you do? You don't pull the fruits, you don't force, you just watch. You take care, every care that is needed -- you protect the tree, you water the tree, you provide fertilizers and manure. Everything that you can do, you do; but what can you do to force? That is just helping the tree to ripen in its own time. Then the fruit comes; then you watch. One day it is ripe, sweet.

Let ripeness appear in its own time..


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