Saturday, January 21, 2017

Go Within

One expansion is external. The eyes look out; the hands feel the touch of external objects; the ears hear the outside sounds. But there is an expansion within also, which the eyes cannot see the ears cannot hear, and bands cannot touch. That is why, perhaps, what is within remains unknown and unfamiliar. Or perhaps it is because it is so close to us that we cannot see it.
What is at a distance can be seen; that which is close lacks perspective. To see, there must be some distance between us and the object. I can see you because there is a distance between us. I cannot see myself because there is no distance whatsoever between me and myself. The eye can behold all except itself. We who know all, are unable to Know ourselves. He who knows himself, what else is left to know in the quest for Truth.
The first experience of Truth is within one's own self for that is the nearest point of access. We can know everyone externally but have no way to penetrate the internal being; and for this there is only one point of approach - one's own intrinsic self. Hence the first door to the temple of truth is the self within. But it is a strange enigma - life passes away and there is no trace of one's self, not even a faint suggestion of it! A whole lifetime is wasted without a hint Or the self!
"Who am I What am I?" The basic question of religion is not God but the being of the Self. The journey of Truth is inward and not outward. Whatever the search in the outside world, it does not lead to Truth. At the most, it reveals knowledge for day-to-day life.
Truth is known only by going within.
Where we stand, where our Existence is, our very Being, is a priceless treasure-house. But we dig into scriptures, catch hold of the feet of gurus, get involved with words and doctrines and never search where I actually is. No one looks within.
TRUTH IS WITHIN ONE'S OWN SELF. It therefore cannot be acquired by asking others. Truth is never dropped into a beggar's bowl, nor obtained on credit. Truth cannot also be learned from others, for all our knowledge is the knowledge of the outside - all our demands are sought outside. Truth is within us. It has neither to be studied, nor learned, nor demanded - it has to be dug out from within us. That ground where we stand has to be excavated and the treasures of Truth will reveal themselves.
All motion of life is from within to without. All things grow from within and spread without - the expansion is always outside. The reverse never happens: nothing goes within from without. And our attention is only drawn towards this - our being, our soul - when we are completely relieved of the outside world. When the eye is freed of the world outside, then only is it free to look within.
It is natural then, that as long as we project our vision on the objects outside, we are unable to see within. A wandering eye cannot delve within. We are habituated to see the outside, for we think that whatever is obtained is from the outside. All our attachments are outward oriented and hence this illusion. We can only start to look within when it becomes clear to us that no one has ever attained anything from outside. Those who have looked without have looked in vain; they have laboured in vain for they have reached nowhere.

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