Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I am who I am

“Who am I What am I?" The basic question of religion is not God but the being of the Self. The journey of Truth is inward and not outward. Whatever the search in the outside world, it does not lead to Truth. At the most, it reveals knowledge for day-to-day life.

Truth is known only by going within.

God is within you. He is not apart from you. If you find the source of the mind by asking yourself ‘Who am I?’ you will experience Him in your Heart as the Self.

‘God is not an object that can be seen, God is the subject. He is the seer. Don’t concern yourself with objects that can be seen. Find out who the seer is.’ And then he uttered the words that would transform. ‘You alone are God.’

“Don't you know yet? It is your Light that lights the worlds.” - Rumi

I love this song from Guru Singh & Seal.
Just close your eyes and listen, sing and dance. Enjoy :)
I am who I am that is that
I am who I am thank God I am 
I am who you are look at that
You are who I am can you imagine that
There is one God and that's a fact
Joy to the World
Peace on the Earth
God Bless the children how we love them
We love them, with our hearts...


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