Friday, January 27, 2017

You & Self

You don't have to believe in your self.
Doubt and belief go together.
But your Self you cannot believe.
You can only be.
What you are, you cannot doubt.
If you know you are, you cannot doubt that you are.
But you definitely imagine yourself to be
something other than what it is in truth.
What Is is greater than belief.
It is the purest fact.
You can only say there is a doubt because
you have a sense that you are somewhere
apart from That, approaching That.
This is merely a belief,
and where there is belief, there may be doubt.
But when we earnestly
inquire into and explore this very point,
something inside is confronted by it,
and every now and again you are compelled
to reveal and admit that you are the wholeness.
Then the mind quickly says, ‘No, no, no.
I’m still not fully that. How can I be sure?’
But that’s just the psychological mind again,
pretending it is genuinely craving for the Truth.
And you are believing it.
Mind raises a doubt, but who is the one believing the mind?
Well, this belief is itself coming from your self,
who has within itself the capacity and power to believe.
When you believe in something,
you bring it into existence.
Thus, this is another of your great powers: belief.
One of your powers is believing what the mind is saying,
but remember: even belief is something that you can watch.
It is just a force of the mind. It is not completely you.
It is not a definition of you.
You can watch believing happen;
you can watch even doubting.
But you who watches them?
Are you caught in the bubble of belief and doubt,
or are you outside the bubble?
If you are outside, then you can leave bubbles alone.
Beyond belief and doubt, where are you?
What are you? Who are you?
Find out.


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