Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Inner Strength

“Those who follow the crowd end up in crowded places. Our inner reality is crowded with people who we think we need to please. Those whose inner reality is filled with love have plenty of space and have found confirmation and pleasure by following their hearts.” 
In the book The Gift of Womanhood by Guru Rattana says that when a woman looks to others for approval, validation and recognition, she loses her power to create her own emotional well-being. She becomes emotionally dependent upon others, external forces and environments that are beyond her control. When a woman does not take responsibility for her own emotional state she creates insecurity in her psyche. Every woman must know that the basic cause of her defeat and trouble comes from feeling insecure. There is nothing blocking a woman but her own security. Once a woman creates security within herself she can feel satisfied and live without struggle.
She also says that the basic energy of a woman is flowing. When we “break our circle”, we drain our energy and end up feeling stressed and experiencing burnout. We break our circles by reaching outside of ourselves for answers or validation. 

“We can train ourselves to contain our energy by looking inside instead of to others for satisfaction, approval and guidance. Woman's power and happiness come from understanding and enjoying the beauty of her own containment: experiencing her ability to be in charge of her mental and emotional energy realizing she needs nothing from anyone.”

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