Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This life is for Freedom

Beingness is not an achievement. 
You need not do, undo or change anything in order to be.
The true Being is inscrutable and beyond Knowledge. 
It cannot be found in the objective or phenomenal sense, 
for beingness is the formless field 
within which the very urge to seek arises. 
There is no particular quality to THIS THAT IS, 
so don’t join anything to it. 
The full grasping of this ever present fact shines as joy, compassion, peace and contentment.

Freedom is free but not cheap.
And we are not talking about money,
we are talking about the value of freedom.
The cost of freedom is you.
You must exchange ego for the real Self.
You have to become You without ‘you’.
Actually, it is the best deal of all.
Who is the one to be traded in?
It is just a mighty nuisance. Actually, it is the greatest thief in the universe for it robs you of true freedom and the knowledge of truth.
Throw him out!



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